Over two years ago I graduated from a small liberal arts college and subsequently fell into a part-time job: teaching piano.

Piano has always been a passion of mine and I’ve studied under some fantastic musicians and teachers. I did feel shortchanged, however, by my musical education (which was an expensive education, mind you) because once I decided to strive for bigger accomplishments and really put myself out there, I couldn’t do it. I had to blunder into most of my profound musical advances & it was a bruising process, involving a lot of sweat and tears. I am an intelligent person and I usually grasp and implement topics intuitively – however, with music I wasn’t able to do so. I had a “learning block” in many ways.

And so, I’ve cultivated an interest in learning “how the shift to musicianship happens.” “How do we teach music?” “What am I thinking or learning as I prepare a musical piece or compose?” “What is the underlying message we’re sending when we teach music?” “What values is the music teacher bestowing?”

Every music teacher I have known has a very different relationship to this last question, whether they acknowledge it or not. Obviously, we have room for the breadth of values – that’s the beauty of it – our “music world” is very accommodating. I’ve been trying to keep that apparent when I’m teaching music; I’ve been trying to have the students outline their own values.

Anyways, this blog is my collection of resources that I’ve encountered. I realize the benefit of keeping them all in one place and I hope it will be a boon to you and all my future students. I am also looking to start a conversation with other musicians so that we might learn from each other.


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