Update: Including Ear Training in Lessons

One of my adult students asked me to help him build his ability to play by ear. I’m confident I am capable of this, even though I have never had formal aural skills training, particularly because I’m personally passionate about developing these skills. I’ve been doing a bit of research on the philosophies and methods (another post to follow).

Also, I have a few younger students who joined my studio after immersion in the Harmony Road music course (a local music school runs a fairly successful program, I came to find out). So far I have been impressed by these students’ ability to sing pitch accurately with solfege and generally keep rhythm; they did a phenomenal job laying foundation for a musical education. However, the emphasis is on pitches that kids can sing and they don’t use letter names. The biggest obstacle for me is gently forcing the paradigm shift that: ‘do’ is ‘C’ and ‘this is how it looks on a staff’ and ‘these are all the other ‘C’s on the keyboard.’


A Few Blues Licks

Nice clear tutorial –

Usually when I’m in a blues situation I just throw together some notes from the blues scale.. but its nice to have some premeditated licks in your pocket that you know sound good. It’s a nice confidence booster.