Inspiration from American Idol

I haven’t watched American Idol since I was in high school, but my parents got me hooked on this season. Nearly every single contestant in the final rounds has been wonderful talent.

This performance last Wednesday, cradled by the commentary, spoke to me.

Elise Testone sings Led Zeppelin

A. She killed this performance – Steven Tyler and Stevie Nicks were impressed & further complimented her by saying Robert Plant would be proud.
B. She is 28 years old  (I’ve been worried that I’m too old for a musical breakthrough.)  Somebody (Randy? Jimmy?) said that she’s the perfect age to produce her first record – Stevie hadn’t until age 26, he named another famous artist..(which I can’t remember now).
C. She was this good when she was back at home singing Led Zeppelin with her bands – the only difference now is the singing competition, i.e. exposure. That is nuts! Think for a while on this distinction.


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