I had a small revelation just now as I was emailing my good friend Eric from college.

It is this:
Writing comes easily to me because schools obliged me do a large amount of it throughout my education. I love writing – it is a deeply creative process where you generate ideas and convey them to others (and with style if you’re good). The music composition process is essentially the same thing; but, for me, it is such a painful task that I have never completed a single original piece. I wish that my schooling had required me to do just as much composition with music as with writing because I would be such a prolific composer* by now!

*(or visual artist! This goes for all mediums. I think it is interesting to note the difference between a musical idea verses an idea of words. Music is abstract in that a musical idea conveys something that words cannot express. Perhaps this is why we’re said to only use a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Our educational system limits our exposure and advancement in other realms of thinking, such as the realm of music. Perhaps there are dozens more mediums that we’ve hardly tapped.)


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