New Jobs!

Today I have 2 interview/auditions for piano teaching positions at two separate music schools. The first went fantastically well. The director and I hit it off and I can’t wait to start working for her. The second is in about an hour – wish me luck 🙂

It is funny that I hadn’t considered teaching around Seattle until last week, about a week after I started this blog. (I think I gained confidence after writing out my thoughts here a few times – I realized that I have something of specialized substance to offer the world). The past few months I have been floundering in this city. I haven’t been able to find a job that both 1. meets my requirements and 2. appreciates my qualifications. There are a lot of jobs out there that I would love, but I’ll need to gain more education/experience before I dive in. Not so with piano teaching – I’m already qualified.

This second audition is going to be interesting. She said: “I would just like to hear a few examples of what you can play and teach.”

This is a totally reasonable request. I had an interesting time selecting yesterday. I spent about 4 hours at the piano, with taking frequent breaks. I decided to play either Chopin’s “Nocturne in E-flat Major” or Debussy’s “Arabesque #1” for Classical. For Jazz, “Christmas Time is Here” or “My Funny Valentine” or an ad-lib version of “Heart and Soul”. For Pop (since she particularly asked for pop)… I know the intro to “Roses,” by Outkast! Or Norah Jones… Pop is difficult. I also have a few Beatles songs that I’d like to avoid playing since it’s really just sugared up block chords. However I’ll see how the conversation goes. My friend who works at that school said that my interviewer is a cool lady 🙂


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