Evolving With HOW We Can Educate

“We’re in the midst of an epochal shift in the delivery mechanisms and content of education…”

Article: What Jay-Z Can Teach Us About the Future of Education 

This article brings up a fascinating scenario and a broader question about values. Our current public education system is not working. We can’t seem to put enough money into it to make it work – and it is widely understood that quantity of money injected is not necessarily going to yield better results. “Funding” and “measurable educational success” aren’t directly linked. However, the internet is providing opportunity for anyone anywhere to learn anything.

And these online educational resources aren’t dilettante youtube tutorials. These are real opportunities to learn, from real teachers and professors! I’m over the moon about this. I’m currently taking a few classes through Udemy.com and through MITX.mit.edu  and another through Stanford Online.

This is exciting for students. This is exciting for world citizens as the population becomes more intelligent as a whole. And furthermore, teachers might be looking towards a pay raise! This is my inference, but it seems that by extending their classroom across the World Wide Web, they will receive greater financial compensation. I imagine this financial arrangement might eventually work itself out similar to the music industry (as it fits into the tech world, i.e. more plays = more pay). This arrangement makes sense to me conceptually; teaching isn’t a commodity – its an art form. We all know the best teachers are underpaid.

I believe this generation of humans are going to be wildly smart. These tools are too fantastic. [My mind is also rowdy with excitement because of this article/video from the other day].

Anyways, that was a tangent. I also appreciate what this article highlights about Jay-Z’s sentiments:

“It took me a long time to realize how much courage it took to work at McDonald’s. … But at that time, it seemed like an act of surrender to a world that hated us.”

True! And this is the shift that we need to make for our students.

Then this article dives into my same question, but with wider scope:

“Why are we educating our children? There are so many obvious answers to the question that it hardly seems worth asking. We educate our children so they get into college, understand how to think, and are able to get good jobs and have a successful life (whatever that means). Yet each of these answers is slightly different. Each answer is a statement of values and has the power to reshape the entire trajectory of any conceivable education system.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself  🙂
I think what’s important is that we remember this and aim to keep our value system open and forward-focused.


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